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NFL news
11-25-2016, 02:10 AM
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NFL news
Only four wins and six losses in the League of Nations North ranked third in the Green Bay Packers are likely to be unable to qualify for the playoffs in January. The poor defensive team averaged more than 30 points in four consecutive games, the first time since 1953. And this performance so that the Packers can not impact the playoffs but suffered four straight. However, in the quarterback Aaron - Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) under the leadership of the Packers attack group is still excellent Personalized Bills Jersey. Rogers has been the league's No. 1 pick in the number of passes, ball yards and passing touchdowns since the seventh week, and he believes the Packers have enough talent to help them win the last six games. "I feel we can control the situation, I really think so," Rogers told ESPN. "The offense is going to be more productive and we just have to play a much more stable game from the first gear to the last gear and I think we're close to that and we've really done a lot in the last few races it is good Personalized Eagles Jersey." "But it is important that we have to enter the state early.We are in the opening game against the Redskins three offensive attacks are a direct third gear to give up a good kick, but from the entire season, we are not restricted in the third gear offensive kick We've been doing a good job of continuing the offense. " Next Packers will face the Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Texans, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions. For the Packers who suffered injuries to injury will maintain the victory almost looks like a miracle, but Rogers refused to throw in the towel. "You just need to win a game," he said. "We win the next game, the situation may be in favor of our direction, we can control the situation Personalized Steelers Jersey."
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