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11-10-2016, 02:06 AM
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The US election in a "laughter", the successful conclusion of the key state of swing successfully won the state of Ohio's Trump successfully elected US President, and this positive can help Brown to win the first nine wins in a row to win it? The crows can consolidate their first place in the AL's North? History grudges and disputes of the two teams, as the NFL arena after the first election red and blue camp war, what will be the result? Friday morning to see the outcome. Baltimore crow last week to defeat the same area diehard Steelers, the success of the North to get the first name of the Midland. This season the crow's road attack comparable to the disaster, although has a relatively good offensive front, but did not stabilize the output of road weapons Personalized Falcons Jersey, 9 weeks after averaging only 81.8 yards of road data, ranking coalition countdown. Even in the 7th week of the face of the game when the jet, the road is only incredible to promote 11 yards. But the corresponding ranking of the league's second-ranked road defense results, averaging 76.1 yards opponents limit, a thousand enemy, since the loss of eight hundred, it is still crows can win the league based on the road Personalized Rams Jersey. It is worth mentioning that the return to the United North of the external fast Mamaike - Wallace, out of three unhappy season, Wallace this season, the state has finally recovered, has won 614 yards and 4 touchdowns array, if you can guarantee the state, the season once again to get thousands of yards of data is no longer a dream. ? Although Cleveland Brown is also from Cleveland, but did not suffer any Cleveland years of the ring. Terrell - Pryor took over as the identity of the return to the Union personalized nfl jerseys cheap, make people shines, with their own performance has become Brown's most threatening offensive weapons group. The once single field ran 93 yards running ball touchdowns of the former quarterback, this season has won 579 yards and 4 catch touchdowns. Re-position, Nirvana newborn, Pryor to a lot of players set an example of NFL defeated. Jamie Collins came to Brown before the league's deadline, and Brown paid only a third-round pick Personalized Vikings Jersey, and the arrival of the all-around linebacker would immediately reinforce Brown's defensive team Personalized Ravens Jersey.
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