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49ers are inconsistent: Just ask them
11-02-2016, 11:04 PM
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49ers are inconsistent: Just ask them
:脸红:Except losing games, the 49ers have been consistent in another area in this season: their inconsistency Personalized Eagles Jersey. Just ask Chip Kelly, the lead coach who consistently has highlighted his team's uneven performances. After a 34-17 loss to the Buccaneers on Oct. 23, Kelly noted his team Personalized Vikings Jersey, which took a 14-0 lead, had played well "in spurts." "It's that consistency that's holding us back," Kelly said. After a 24-17 loss to the Cowboys, Kelly noted his team, which took a 14-0 lead, didn't sustain its offensive momentum. "We didn't stay on the field like we wanted to," Kelly said. "Those are the things you have to clean up to be consistent." Kelly invoked the word to explain his benching of quarterback Blaine and how Colin Kaepernick could improve on his 44.8 completion percentage in his first start replacing Gabbert. On Wednesday, Kelly said, yes, you guessed it inconsistency explains why his team is 1-6. "There are times where we play really well," Kelly said." It's about being consistent in all three phases." They 49ers might be inconsistent, on the field, but they steadily can echo their head coach's message. After the loss to Tampa Bay Personalized Seahawks Jersey, a game in which Kaepernick and wide receiver Torrey Smith connected for one completion, they finally got on the same page. Said Kaepernick: "What we need to do is we need to be able to go out and make plays on a consistent basis." Offered Smith: "We've just got to be consistent. We're not as consistent as we should be. We show flashes, but that's not good enough." That was two "consistent" references by Smith, which is good but not a record in 2016. The unofficial mark was established by Gabbert on Oct. 11, when his demotion prompted a consistent barrage personalized nfl jerseys cheap. "It's the consistency factor," Gabbert said. "That's something that we're always striving to be more and more consistent drive-in and drive-out, game-in and game-out. You get consistent with reps and just happens to be I got five games." The lack of consistency didn't improve with Gabbert sidelined in Game 6, which offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins noted two days after Kaepernick's first start: "We need to be more consistent on offense Personalized packers jersey." Not surprisingly, defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil believes the same issue plagues his unit, which owns the NFL's worst rushing defense: At times, we defend the run really well," O'Neil said Tuesday." It's just not consistent enough for four quarters."
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