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elichick is cold-blooded and cruel, but that's why he's great
10-31-2016, 10:14 PM
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elichick is cold-blooded and cruel, but that's why he's great
In the public sphere pretty much everything can be placed in two camps: economics and public relations. This breakdown is especially obvious in the NFL. It's just to say that the quality of the league's product has diminished for at least this season Personalized Bills Jersey, you are seeing it, but despite the downturn, one team has looked well above the rest. That's because Patriots coach and de facto general manager Belichick knows that public relations and all the emotions that go along with it, loyalty, sentiment, perhaps even love, get in the way of winning football games. Leave that stuff in the college game. Whether anyone else wants to admit it, the NFL is straight economics: each team has the same amount of money to spend on 53 players, and the team that can manage that spending best, and capitalize in all the areas where spending won't necessarily bring quality: game planning Personalized Rams Jersey, scouting, player development, will win. Belichick has believed this for decades, but the disparity between his cold, professorial demeanor and the rest of the league has never been more obvious. Monday was the perfect example of Belichick's ruthless approach Personalized Ravens Jersey. Collins may be the best defensive player in the NFL not named Miller. The Southern Miss product is one of the truly great athletes in American sports, a freelancing linebacker who is just as adept in coverage as he was rushing the quarterback or stuffing a gap. Having Collins on the field opened up a world of possibilities for Belichick, who is still a defensive coordinator a heart, and Patriots DC, Matt Patricia. Collins might have been the most valuable player on the Patriots' defense, he should have been considered a serious candidate for Defensive Player of 2016. Belichick traded him to Cleveland for a third-round draft pick Monday.
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